Friday, June 25, 2010

Pinky Fruity Jelly

Jelly Again! Pinky Fruity Jelly.. Hehe.. Suka2 hati i je bagi nama jelly ni.. My hubby loves to eat jelly.. Lepas kahwin i pun jadi suka makan.. He called it 'belede', what a weird name.. First time i dengar.. but anyway i believe it will be my blog trademark kot.. Lepas ini macam2 jelly anda boleh jumpa dekat kitchen i ni.. ;)

And the recipe...

Half packet of dried jelly
600 ml water
Half can of evaporated milk
Half can of fruit cocktail
An egg ~ optional
Sugar according to your taste
Vanilla essence
Rose pink colour

The method;
1. Boil dried jelly with water.
2. Add in sugar, milk, egg, vanilla essence & colour.
3. Stir well and wait until it boils again.
4. Let it cool in your fridge & ready to eat!

So easy right? Enjoy...

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